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Bohemian Beauty
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Grey Goddess Kitchen
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French Chic Kitchen
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Light & Bright Kitchen
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Contemporary Bathroom Remodel
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Modern Bath Retreat
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Cozy Farmhouse Kitchen
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Two Toned Cottage Kitchen
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Sophisticated Modern Kitchen
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Pacific NW Kitchen
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Gorgeous White Kitchen
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Modern Subway Tile Bath
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Classic Kitchen
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Alluring Kitchen Renovation
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Simple Refresh
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Gorgeous Flooring
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Fabulous Playhouse
Contemporary Deck
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Exterior Siding
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Custom Built-Ins
Elegant Pavers


Okay, we’ll be honest kitchen remodeling can at times feel like you’ve jumped off a cliff into a wind tunnel of chaos with your pants wrapped around your head but fear not, all that bathroom sink dish washing will pay off when your new show stopper kitchen wows your pants right back where they belong so you can invite the in-laws over and bask in the glory of your new space.


Pardon my loo but the bathroom is a very important place. Where else do you spend so much time staring at the wall contemplating the meaning of life? We can help stay within your budget to create the perfect backdrop to your start your day. With terrific lighting that makes you look good to warm floors that keep you snuggly, we can make it happen in a no time at all.


Coming back to our quality craftsmanship roots we believe in good ole fashioned solid design. Why do so many people love older homes? It’s because of their charm right? Bring the charm into your home with beautiful custom built-ins and detailed finishing touches. For years to come, you’ll enjoy the ease of good design.


Sometimes all you need is a coat of paint. You’d be amazed at what the right color can do to transform your humble home into the oasis you’ve dreamed of. We’re happy to bring out the colors to choose from and give you lots of inspiration and make sure it’s perfect even if beige is what you settle on after days of deliberation.


It’s all about the curb appeal that wraps around your house, personalizing your home to create your own outdoor oasis. Now we may not have a green thumb but thankfully the Pacific Northwest makes growing green, easy. Cover yourself from the gray drizzly days with a beautiful overhang or add a deck to move living outdoors.


Does your abode need a flooring refresh? Has your baseboard seen better days? We can help transform the look and feel of your castle making it the fairest in the land.